Transform one-off clients
into long-term relationships

bobile - the brand relationship builder that keeps your clients coming back again… and again… and again…


You probably know this better than us

Most clients need more than just a good experience to return again

Getting clients coming in for the first time requires a lot of time & money.

Then, when they finally step in, you work hard to create the best client experience

But how do you transform this first encounter into a long-term relationship?

In fact, it is very likely that most businesses around you are not proactive in making it happen.

This is why bobile is your ultimate game changer

When they step out We step in

bobile offers a highly engaging branded mobile platform that autonomously interacts with your clients, transforming one-off clients into long-term relationships

How we form relationships?

We believe that relationships are a collection of emotional interactions.

bobile creates these interactions between you and each and every one of your clients - and it’s always on.
Even when you’re asleep...

  • Make them feel special

    with behavior-based rewards

  • Show commitment

    using Membership Tiers

  • Create expectations

    by creating personalized events

  • Be spontaneous

    by setting surprising activities

All you need to do, is simply encourage your clients to get it and join the party.

…and its all yours

Your clients


…and its all yours

Your clients

Yourmobile app

…and its all yours

Your clients


Convert Relationship into Revenues